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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Street Sharks - From 2000

Trapped in a genetic ultra-collider by Dr. Pirahnoid (a humanoid piranha), four sharks with human legs face their fates. "No longer," Pirahnoid gnashes, "will you be swayed by the whims of petty human emotions like love or friendship!" "Not gonna happen, fishbreath!" slobbers the blue shark.

Cowabunga, man! It's the Teenage Mutant Ninja,, sharks!!

Yes, this is kids' stuff. But is this good kids' stuff. The Sharks chew up the scenery and escape. Hounded by the public and attacked by the military, they discover that Pirahnoid is releasing a gigantic dose of mutating stuff into Fission City.

With no real story twists or originality, it's a kids' plot. Street Sharks is tightly scripted melodrama. Clich├ęs, alliterative, character defining names and "costumes" act as shorthand to please an intended audience with relatively short attention spans.

Street Sharks is also fun. This comic is visually coherent with lots of basically non-violent action. Excellent pacing makes art acceptable that is weak on inanimate objects and human faces, and lacks the line width variation that creates the illusion of depth.

Not a high-water mark, Street Sharks is still solid entertainment for young readers who love adventure.


Michael Vance