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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Michael Vance At OAFCON 2008

Michael Vance will be appearing at OAFCON 2008, October 3rd and 4th (Friday and Saturday - No Sunday show), at the Biltmore Hotel, I-40 at Meridian Avenue in Oklahoma City. A VERY special guest-of-honor will be Bill Schelly, making his first-ever appearance at a Southwestern Convention! (O.A.F stands for "Oklahoma Alliance of Fans.")

Below is some information on Schelly and the con from their blog.

Bill Schelly has been chronicling and adding to the pop-culture fringes since the mid-1960s. He published his first amateur publication about comic books and cartooning just as he turned thirteen. It was for his popular fanzine Sense of Wonder that Schelly became widely known to the comics community.

Bill’s first book published in hardcover was
Harry Langdon: His Life and Films, a biography of the brilliant comedian of silent films (Scarecrow Press, 1982).

In early 1986, Schelly and a partner opened the first comics specialty store in Seattle’s University District: Super Comics & Collectibles. Though his involvement in the store was short-lived, Bill’s fascination with the comics field had been thoroughly reawakened by the experience.
He began researching the history of comic-book fandom in 1991, which resulted in the book The Golden Age of Comic Fandom in 1995, which was nominated for a Will Eisner Comics Industry Award.

More recently, Bill wrote a well-received memoir of his teenage years in fandom titled
Sense of Wonder: A Life in Comic Fandom, and a biography of the great comic book and science fiction writer, Otto (“Eando”) Binder titled Words of Wonder.

In 1998, he became Associate Editor of the Eisner Award-winning magazine Alter Ego, a post he holds to the present day.
As a recognized comic-book historian, Schelly has written introductions to ten of the DC Archives books.

He has also been a guest-lecturer on film history classes at the University of Washington.

Recently, Bill rewrote and expanded his biography of Harry Langdon for McFarland Company, Inc. His most recent book; the much-anticipated biography
Man of Rock: A Biography of Joe Kubert, from Fantagraphics, is due in September.

Thus, he continues his penchant for exploring the byways of American popular culture.

Bill will be appearing at Oafcon both Friday and Saturday with his books and Alter-Ego magazines. They will be offered for sale at his table.


We are not a modern day comic book show. No artist alleys, no gaming, no media presentations, no anime, no new comics. What we will have is 45 tables filled with old collectibles of all kinds. Comic Books, Pulps, Paperbacks, Movie Posters, Radio Show Premiums, Original Comic and Fantasy Art, Big-little-Books, Newspapers, Board Games, Series Books, Sheet Music, Dime Novels and more!

The collectors and dealers who are attending this show will mostly have pre-1980 items! It will be a super paper collectibles show !! No other show like it !! Don't miss out!

Admission is only $5.00 and good for BOTH DAYS !!
A few dealers tables remain at $50.00. Reserve your room NOW at the Biltmore Hotel. Last year they sold out due to other events at the hotel. Rooms are ~ $65 for a double!! OAFCON 2008 hours will be Friday and Saturday 10 am to 7 pm.

O.A.F. stands for Oklahoma Alliance of Fans, a group of long time collectors who sponsored comic book, star trek and nostalgia conventions in Oklahoma City and Tulsa in the 1970's-80's. We are back after a 25 year absence and hosting this collectors convention.

For more details about the show please visit