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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cover of The Week: Contest of Champions #1

Introducing a new (and completely self-indulgent) feature here at Four Color Commentary - Cover of The Week. Whether it will actually be weekly, bi-weekly or semi-daily is anyone's guess. It will all depend on my schedule. Anyway, on to this week's entry...,

(click for larger image)

I remember when Marvel Comics' first limited series was new on the rack, during the summer of '82. I jumped on at issue #2, and had the immediate feeling that I'd missed something quite important. I believe this issue was the first I ever actually purchased from a comics shop. But, then again, my memory is as dependable as All-Star Batman and Robin.

What appeals to me where this cover is concerned is John Romita, Jr.'s ability to render all of those Marvel heroes so beautifully. Some artists, such as George Perez, have made themselves known for their ability to thrive on group books. I honestly believe Jr. could have been one of those artists, had his style not gone in another direction.

Of course, Bob Layton's inks didn't hurt, either.