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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Odd Cover Gallery, Entry 1

Sometimes, you come across a comic book cover that strikes you as odd. Whether due to obvious reasons, or some unexplainable quality, it simply gives you pause. Starting today, I'll be chronicling such covers for the amusement, bemusement and otherwise general interest of Four Color Commentary guests.

Let's get crackin'.

Incredible Hulk, Vol. 1, No.201

The problem with this cover has always been obvious to me: The Hulk's barbarous opponent choosing to ride his pet monster like a horse. To be kind, it seems...odd. To be less kind, it's downright "skeevy". Chicken fight, anyone?

The next two share the same strange characteristic.

Adventures Into The Unknown, No. 33

Adventures Into The Unknown, No. 34

Sometimes, in an effort to provide appropriate creepiness to a horror comic, creators go a bit overboard. That's the case with these two covers. A human skeleton head on a giant spider? That misses creepy and crosses over into the "silly" realm. Obviously, it wasn't silly enough, however, as the giant snake on the cover of the next issue had the same malady. Weird.

Ghost Rider, No. 16

I never was a big fan of the Ghost Rider character, or of the tendency of Marvel to cash in on blockbuster movies in any way possible. That's probably why this cover is off-putting for me. Besides, what does a demon with supernatural powers have to fear from a giant guppy with teeth?

Alpha Flight, Vol. 1, No. 83

Okay, granted, Alpha Flight was a weird book altogether. Even when Byrne was running it, it was strange. GOOD strange, but strange, nonetheless. So, I'm not sure why this cover seems strange to me, but it does. Almost like a Silver Age DC book. Pretty goofy.

Captain America, Vol. 1, No. 69

Captain Gulliver's Travels? The "odd" of this cover jumps right out, as Cap seems VERY out of place in this adventure.

'Til next time.