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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Covers of The Week

I've decided that, as a habit, I'll display multiple covers for this feature. I think there are plenty of great works out there to justify it, yes? So, here we go. (Click any picture for a larger view.)

Alpha Flight, Volume 1, Number 12

As I mentioned last week, this was always somewhat of a strange book, but early on, I liked John Byrne's handling of it. So much so that when I saw this cover sitting on the shelf at my local comics shop (Aardvark Comics in Tulsa), I couldn't wait to get it home and tear into it. (Not literally, of course.) The story, while shocking, is still one of the best comics tales I've ever read. And the cover is great, too. Cover artist, John Byrne.

The Atom, Volume 1, Number 10

I've never been a big fan of ANY version of the Atom, but this is a great cover. It reminds me of the things my brother, my friends and I would do on the Fourth of July during our childhood and early adolescence. Not with little people, of course, but I did once strap a small frog to a large rocket. If I had seen this cover beforehand, I might have put a little Atom costume on him. Cover artist, Gil Kane.

Batgirl Number 13

GREAT perspective! Dramatic and comical at the same time. Cover artist, Robert Campanella.

H.P. Lovecraft Number 3

The mood slaps you in the face. Chilling and macabre, one can imagine a reader audibly telling the boy on the cover, "What are you, crazy? Don't go in there!" The art is also quite good. Cover artist unknown.

Iron Man, Volume 1, Number 150

Another one I bought off the rack as a young adolescent comics fan. Wonderful story and art. When fans talk about "iconic covers", this one should be included. Cover artist, John Romita, Jr.

Aquaman, Volume 1, Number 30

This. Cover. Is. Gorgeous. It almost looks like some kind of wash process, or painted cover. Reminds me of the look of practically ALL of the Sea Devils covers. Of course, what else would you expect from an artist like Nick Cardy?

Well, that's it for now. I've got some other cover-centric posts coming, though. Perhaps as early as tomorrow. The older I get, the more convinced I am of the artistic value of comic book art, and of covers in particular. As an art form, it is still VERY under-appreciated.