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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Star Trek Trailer

There is a new trailer online for the Star Trek movie, due to hit theaters on May 8th. I must say, it looks like a lot of high-octane fun, if nothing else. Check it out at Daily Mail. (Scroll down to find the viewer.)


The Iconic Iron Man

While gathering cover information for my last entry, "The Emotional Iron Man", I perused all Iron Man covers on sites like Comic Book Database, Cover Browser and Comic Vine, (all GREAT sites, by the way). While doing so, I couldn't ignore the following iconic covers. Yes, Iron Man is an icon. He is the embodiment of technology's value to man, and no other character in comics has portrayed that marriage as well over the years.

So, enjoy this small collection which I call "The Power of Iron Man." (Original, ain't it?)

Vol. 1, No. 1 - This Gene Colan issue kicked off the character's own series, establishing him as a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Universe.

Vol. 1, No. 47 - Another fantastic cover by comics legend Gil Kane.

Vol. 1, No. 69 - As this Ron Wilson cover states, "raw, pulsating power!"

Vol. 1, No. 96 - One of the best Al Milgrom covers ever produced shows Iron Man down, but certainly not out.

Vol. 1, No. 100 - What says "power" more than snapping a girder in half? Art by Jim Starlin.

Vol. 1, No. 116 - John Romita, Jr. knows Iron Man!

Vol. 1, No. 197 - Comic Book Data Base says Rich Buckler drew this cover. I'm thinking John Byrne. Either way, it's a powerful rendition.

Vol. 1, No. 256 - John Romita, Jr. and Bob Layton: one of the best art teams in comics.

Vol. 1, No. 264 - Artist, John Romita, Jr. I sometimes wonder if he was "revisiting" his work on issue #116. Nonetheless, the tank buckling over Shellhead's back is a strong testament to the power of Iron Man.

Vol. 3, No. 76 - I'm an Old School Marvel fan, but let me make this clear: Adi Granov set a new standard for iconic Iron Man images. While there's no emotion in his Iron Man, the power is incredibly evident.

Well, that's it for now. Thanks so much for checking out Four Color Commentary.