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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Odd Cover Gallery, Entry 2 - "Unknown" Covers

To me, "odd" doesn't always mean "bad". That's the case with some of these covers. True, some are just strange, but some are also quite unusual. Most things that are unique have inherent value.

This Odd Cover entry has an "Unknown" theme, most being covers from Adventures Into The Unknown, and two from Challengers of The Unknown. If you think about it, these are two titles which would be more likely to give readers odd covers.

Adventures Into The Unknown #2

A skull-shaped mountain really should look dark and foreboding. This one, however, almost seems to be smiling. Art by Edvard Moritz.

Adventures Into The Unknown #49

This strange octopus-witch (Octowitch?) indicates that the writer, artist, or both were trying a bit too hard to chill readers. Artist unknown.

Adventures Into The Unknown #53

Despite the strange yellow and red "bat-guy" (with purple shorts), this cover is not entirely unattractive, as the detail and grey tones lend it a very eerie quality. Odd, yes. Bad, no.
Artist, Harry Lazarus.

Adventures Into The Unknown #98

Another cover that is unusual in content, but effective in execution. Artist, Ogden Whitney.

Adventures Into The Unknown #105

It was odd in The Lord of The Rings, but in a good way. Here, it's just odd.
Artist, Ogden Whitney.

Adventures Into The Unknown #119

Weird. However, that third eye does seem to jump out at the reader.
Artist, Ogden Whitney.

Adventures Into The Unknown #120

"I've come across the galaxy to.. (dramatic pause).. steal your oranges!" Shocking? Horrifying? Frightening?....No, just odd. Artist, Ogden Whitney.

Adventures #144

A strange Spock-faced boy with a devil wand might be a bit more intimidating without the green shorts and red suspenders. Buy, hey, that's just me. Artist, Chic Stone.

Adventures Into The Unknown #153

"Oh no! A flying Sta-Puff Marshmallow Man!" Artist, Kurt Schaffenberger.

Adventures Into The Unknown #162

Too bad they didn't keep him. Nemesis was a short-lived superhero who became the main character in Adventures for 14 issues. Artist, Chic Stone.

Challengers of The Unknown #17

I can't get worked up over a drill-nosed dinosaur by artist Bob Brown. I suppose 1960 was a different time...

Challengers of The Unknown #58

Good drama. Goofy-looking villain. Superior Bob Brown art.