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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Archie Comics Christmas Covers

Throughout the month (or at least until Christmas), I'll be posting various Christmas covers on the blog. Think of them as my "Christmas cards" to all visitors. This batch is dedicated to my Suspended Animation co-author, Michael Vance, who is a BIG Archie fan. While not all-inclusive, a great chunk of Archie Christmas covers are represented here. Boy, they've been around a long time!

This one's for you, Michael. Happy Holidays, pal!

(Too many to note individually, so just click an image for a larger view. The issue number should be visible. The first issue is a number one.)

Mark Allen

I Stand Corrected

I hate having to eat my own words; they NEVER taste good. That being said, one of the visitors to this site, having read my post on "St. Obama" yesterday, brought this picture to my attention. It is exactly what I assumed would NOT be found anywhere. Live and learn.

I still don't believe these pictures happen accidentally, however. They seem just a bit too perfect.

Thanks for the heads-up, Patrick. Come back soon.

Mark Allen