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Saturday, January 03, 2009

This Week's Suspended Animation - Comics Legend John Broome

Comics Legend John Broome [1913-99] was a prolific comics writer, and the co-creator of the Green Lantern, The Guardians of the Universe, and Captain Cold and Mr. Element for Flash Comics. His science-fiction stories were first published in pulp magazines, but agent and DC editor Julius Schwartz convinced Broome to write for the relatively new art form of comic books.

Broome is considered one of the best writers during the Silver Age of comic books, starting somewhere around 1955. Although he wrote in many different genres, he almost always injected an element or two of science-fiction into his comics stories.

When writing science-fiction for comic books, Broome’s strong sense of character, his injection of science into the core of a story, and his story twists made him a master of his art.

His work has often been reprinted in soft- and hardback collections. Broome’s major work includes : DC COMICS--The Atom (’47); Atomic Knights (‘60-’64); Batman (‘64-’69); Big Town (‘51-’58); Captain Comet (‘51-‘54/’71); Charlie Chan (‘58-’59); Dr. Mid-Nite (‘47-’48, ’72-‘74); Elongated Man (‘65-’67); Flash, (‘46-‘47) , [2nd version] (‘56-’70, ‘71/’76/’85); Ghost Patrol (’48); Green Arrow (‘59/’61); Green Lantern [1st version] (‘47-’49), [2nd version] (‘59-’70); Hawkman (‘47-’48); Justice Society of America (‘47-’51); Kid Flash (‘60-’63); Mystery in Space (‘51-62); Phantom Stranger (‘52-‘53/’71); Sargon the Sorceror (‘46-’48); Sensation Mystery (‘52-’53); Star Hawkins (‘60-’63); Strange Adventures (‘51-’62); Strange Sports Stories (’63); FAWCETT COMICS: Captain Marvel, (‘42-‘43); Lance O'Casey (’43).

Broome also wrote the comic strip Nero Wolfe (’56-’57). His stories have been reprinted in Mysteries in Space (Simon & Schuster, ‘80), Secret Origins of the Super DC Heroes (Harmony, ’76), Green Lantern and Green Arrow (Coronet, ’72), Batman from the ‘30s to the ‘70s, (Crown Publishing, ’71) and several other collections.

John Broome won the coveted Inkpot Award in 1998. His work is highly recommended.

Michael Vance