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Saturday, January 17, 2009

This Week's Suspended Animation - Comics Legend Reed Crandall

Comics Legend Reed Crandall [1917-‘82] was among the earliest and most talented and polished artists to work in comic books. An employee of the Eisner and Iger Studio in 1939, Crandall first found fame on Blackhawk, a ‘war’ title from Quality Comics.

Reed Crandall was influenced by earlier magazine illustrators, and his art was characterized by the use of cross-hatching and feathering, the time-consuming technique that adds the illusion of depth and gray tones.

Crandall’s major work included: DC COMICS (’40s-’72) Weird War Tales, various titles; DELL (’58-’61) Frogmen, Gunsmoke, Hercules Unchained, Mystery Tales, Thief of Baghdad;. EC COMICS (’55-’56) Confessions Illustrated, Crime Illustrated, Crime Suspenstories, Crypt of Terror, Extra!, Haunt of Fear, Impact, M.D., Mad, Piracy, Shock Illustrated, Shock Suspenstories, Tales from the Crypt, Terror Illustrated, Two-Fisted Tales, Valor, Vault of Horror, Weird Fantasy, Weird Science-Fantasy;

FICTION HOUSE (’41-’45) Kaanga, Kayo Kirby, Sheena; GIL-BERTON (’57-62) Classics Illustrated: Hunchback of Notre Dame, In Freedom’s Cause, Julius Caesar, Land of the North, Lord Jim, Octopus, Oliver Twist, Reign of Terror, Romeo and Juliet, Three Musketeers; HARVEY (’62-’66) Alarming Adventures, Big Hero Adventures, Captain Freedom, Unearthly Spectaculars; MARVEL (’41-’75) Astonishing Comics, Kid Colt Outlaw and various western titles, Battle, Battlefront, Captain America, Creatures on the Loose, Journey into Mystery, Unknown Worlds, Justice Comics, Love Romances, Marines in Battle, Men’s Adventures, Mystery Tales, Mystic, Mystical Tales, Navy Tales, Quick-Trigger Western, Strange Stories of Suspense, Strange Tales of the Unusual, Strange Tales, Tales of Justice, Tales of Suspense, Uncanny Tales, The Vision; QUALITY (’42-’53) Blackhawk, Military Comics, Buccaneers, Captain Daring, Captain Triumph, Dollman, Espionage, Firebrand, Hercules, Midnight, The Ray, Uncle Sam. T. S. DENISON (’67-’72) Treasure Chest; TOWER (’66-’68) Dynamo, Noman; WARREN (’64-’75) Vampirella, Blazing Combat, Creepy, Eerie; WESTERN (’62-’73) Believe It or Not, Boris Karloff Tales of Mystery, and The Twilight Zone.

Crandall also worked in educational and promotional comics. His art has been extensively reprinted, and receives the highest recommendation.

Michael Vance