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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Covers of The Week, Entry 6 - More Great Batman Covers

As stated last time I made a "Covers" entry, it takes more than one post to note all the great Batman covers. So, here's the second of three. Enjoy, and let me know some of your favorite "Bats" covers.

Batman #402
Not a whole lot of Batman work by Jim Starlin out there, but when he does take on the Dark Knight, he makes an impression. The detail and emotion of the work is striking.

Batman: Year One #4
My favorite cover of the whole miniseries. Artist, David Mazzuchelli.

Batman #417
Mike Zeck is one of my favorite artists, and fans don't see nearly enough of his work. This is my favorite of the four covers he did in the "Ten Nights of The Beast" storyline. I love the perspective.

Batman #431
The reasons this George Pratt cover is attractive to me are hard to nail down. It's certainly unusual positioning of Batman, as he strikes a pose fans are more likely to see in a Spider-Man book. But, that makes it different, which is good, in this case. The coloring and night-mood also appeal to me.

Batman #445
This is an attractive cover, first and foremost due to the colors in the background striking a strong contrast against the darkness of Batman's costume. It also puts Bats in an unusual setting, which is a gamble, at times. This time it works. And, did I mention it's by Brian Bolland?
'Nuff said.

Batman #452
Remembering how awestruck I was by Gotham by Gaslight, it's no wonder this cover by Michael Mignola appeals to me. Mignola's style is perfect for the character, and this cover has a lot of the same qualities as G by G.

Batman #493
I mentioned my affinity for Kelly Jones' Batman last time, and this (as well as the next five covers) is another reason why. Batman is certainly a creature of the night, almost supernatural in appearance.

Batman #524
Again, almost mystical in appearance. I've heard some fans deride Jones' Batman for being too "weird", which I interpret to mean too supernatural in appearance. Personally, however, I've always thought this nigh-"otherworldly" look worked for the Caped Crusader, under certain conditions and in particular storylines.

Batman #537
Say what you want about Kelly Jones' style, no other artist does a better job of rendering an emotive Batman. Who else would "pin" his ears back, in a show of what can only be labeled as obvious dread?

Batman #541
The Spectre, swallowing Batman like a flathead sucks down bait under the Skiatook Dam? Creepy and effective.

Batman #542
Kicking off a story about a murderous postman who dispatches those on his route who don't "see" him, this is a great use of symbolism, but also just downright disturbing. Great cover.

Batman #550
Again, Batman appearing very elemental, even to the point that he still appears formidable against the backdrop of a giant, looming Clayface.

Batman #635
Matt Wagner is another great Batman artist, and this representation of Batman's clash with the Red Hood has an epic, almost iconic look about it.

Batman #640
Can't put my finger on the exact "winning" characteristic, but the stark difference in nature between Bats and Supes, so well depicted in a single image, doesn't hurt. Just a beautiful cover.

Batman #655
The dark, grim Batman against the blood-red background is stunning, thanks to Andy Kubert.

Batman #675
Tony Daniels' Batman is one of the most formidable and impressive renditions that can be found.

Batman #679
While not much of s storyteller, Alex Ross is a wonderful illustrator, and has produced many images that I would describe as "magical". This is one of them.

Hope you enjoyed my meager musings. Don't hesitate to chime in at your convenience.