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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Odd Cover Gallery, Entry 3

Here's another round of odd covers for your amusement, and it's about time, considering the last round was in November. The first three deal with what I consider strange renditions of certain characters.

Fantastic Four No. 543

A normal-looking FF, and a nice realistic art style by Adi Granov, but with the exception of a strange-looking Thing/Ben Grimm. Laughing maniacally, this picture was taken only seconds before he bit Johnny's head off for the years of practical jokes and verbal abuse.

Wonder Woman Vol. 2, No. 138

Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Phil Winslade's art. But, his amazons on this cover don't exactly look formidable. Instead of possessing any sort of a graceful air, Hippolyta looks like she's lumbering toward the enemy. And, is it just me, or does she look like she put her boots on the wrong feet?

Avengers Vol. 3, No. 84

Besides looking like a Chip-N-Dale calender model, Namor's excessively-ornate, impractical trident (How would he possibly go into battle with that thing?) and that crown that looks like it's growing out of his eyebrows, does little to make the on-again-off-again King of Atlantis appear a threat. Art by Scott Kolins

The Best of 2000AD No. 28

This cover, featuring some type of spaghetti monster, is odd in a good way, as it is both outlandish and a bit creepy. Yet, I can't help wondering if it was influenced...

Airboy Comics No. 30 this. I'll bet Airboy never ate another bowl of spaghetti.

Strange Adventures Vol. 1, No. 17

Nothing like being birthed from what the janitor never cleaned up. Ick.

Paranoia No. 1

It's like Salvador Dali did comics! By artist Hector.

Paranoia No. 5

Hector's at it again, and I can honestly say it's a one-of-a-kind (odd) cover.

Exiles No. 96

I'm sure this strange rendition of a particular wall-crawler has something to do with the story (with which I'm not familiar), but it's still a strange one to behold. By artist Tomm Coker.

Bayou Billy No. 5

What's strange about this cover is seeing the amazing art of Kelly Jones on a hokey character birthed from a video game. But, leave it to such a great talent to make Billy and his opponent actually look exciting.

'Til next time.