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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Neal Adams to Return To Batman

Source: CBR 

Beginning in July, Batman fans will receive 12 monthly installments of the Dark Knight, written and drawn by one of the best-known, most-loved Batman artisans of all time: Neal Adams.

Batman: Odyssey will, according to Adams, "challenge readers' basic assumptions" about who the character is. The crime fighter will also be reassessing his role.

While all of this sounds interesting, I worry about the punctuality of the series.  I admit, this may be due more to my growing pessimism about the industry in my old age, than to any shortcomings of Neal's as an artist, as I know of none.  Regardless, I will wait for the collection, as I equate waiting 30 days for each no-doubt beautiful and highly-enjoyable read, to a form of self-torture.

For an interview with Adams, conducted in 2006, click here.