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Friday, April 16, 2010

Suspended Animation on Haitus

For those who read this blog, (Hey, there's a few!) it just occurred to me that I might ought to post the email I sent out a couple of weeks ago, to those who run the Suspended Animation column on their site.  It's fairly self-explanatory.

This is one of those "band-aid" moments, when it's best to say what needs to be said quickly and cleanly: Suspended Animation is going on hiatus.  It is NOT going away. 

I have to hand it to Michael Vance; he kept this column going for twenty years, some of the time by himself.  I managed to do it by myself for a year.  Barely.  However, the commitments of family, work and the desire to pursue other writing ventures necessitate that I back off of the column for a while.  When SA returns, it will more closely resemble a bi-weekly, or even monthly column.  I am grateful to Herve St. Louis, of, who has agreed to continue to run the reviews whenever they are sent to him.  Providing the content is up to your standards, I hope the rest of you will do the same.  If not, you have my gratitude for supporting Suspended Animation as long as you have.

All the best.

Mark Allen


It should be noted that several others also expressed their commitment to SA.  Needless to say, I'm humbled and grateful.  Suspended Animation will be back.