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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Right Out Of The Comics - Giant Monster Robots!

I give you The Amazing Spider-Man 213, circa 1981 - a comic I very much enjoyed as a young adolescent - which features the Wizard's cool robot spider, a weapon which was intended to kill everyone's favorite wall-crawler.  Naturally, any comics fan worth their salt can't help but be reminded of the many versions of spider-slayers with which Spidey had to contend over the years.

Of course, in comics, there has been no end to giant destructive robots meant to dispatch various heroes, terrorize throngs of innocent city dwellers, and generally wreak really big mechanical havoc.

Such is a large chunk of four-color adventure.

And then....

there's this...

OK, so it can't support it's own weight, and it isn't characterized by ANY kind of natural-looking motions which resemble walking, and it's a good bet that lasers, missiles, or any other on-board weapons are out of the question. But it just LOOKS! SO! COOL! I REALLY want this thing to run amok, and cause at least a BIT of property damage. (With no casualties, of course.)

Ah, well. Let's give our Japanese friends another decade or so, shall we? The results probably won't disappoint.