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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Looks Better Than I Expected

Watch the trailer first, and commentary will follow.

Now, if only the above doesn't turn out to be the best thing about the movie.  Honestly, like many fans, I wasn't excited about the reboot, and will probably always believe they stopped too soon with at the Sam Raimi trilogy.  More on that below.

Some observations: I don't like the costume.  However, I realize that Spider-Man's costume has changed so much in the comics over the last few years, that the "classic" look isn't as classic as it used to be, and it certainly isn't the only accepted version.  The average movie-goer who isn't a regular reader of comic books won't give a hoot about Spidey's movie togs.  If they notice a difference at all.

I do like the fact that this movie incarnation of Peter Parker makes his own web-shooters.  I was never really impressed with the reasoning for Toby Maguire's "organic" web shooters, primarily that your average high-school kid would not be able to engineer his own "thwippers".  However, based on what some high school students are doing for science fairs these days, like curing cystic fibrosis, I think those watching the movie could suspend a little more disbelief.  After all, they're being entertained by a story with a spider-powered adolescent.  And a man who turns into a giant lizard.  Yeah, pretty sure believability just left the building.

Lastly, just to return to the original trilogy, as well as the average movie fan's lack of concern for the Spider-Man canon, I would LOVE to see Raimi continue to make Spider-Man movies for the next 20 years, using the same actors and actresses.  It would never happen, of course.  All concerned no doubt have other goals to accomplish in their careers.  But, let me dream for a moment.  The prospect of well-made movies of an aging Peter Parker, perhaps dealing with fading powers, while integrating new tech into his crime-fighting, as well as dealing with more powerful tech-based villains, all the while trying to raise a family, and worrying about the affect of his genes on his progeny....and, a highly dramatic, tear-jerker "death of Aunt May" scene....Sorry, but even as a lover of the ever-young Peter Parker in the comics, I could watch those movies to infinity and beyond.

'Nuff said.