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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Suspended Animation Review - Donald Duck Family Comics and Atomic Robo

            Now that Summer 2012 is pretty much over, the Suspended Animation column returns to its bi-weekly schedule.

            Free Comic Book Day was May 5th of this year.  Having visited The Toy and Action Figure Museum in Paul’s Valley, OK the day before, my family and I enjoyed the annual event at The Cave, a comics shop in the neighboring city of Ada.  While I don’t quite remember everything the kids got, below are a couple of titles which are worthy of mention and further pursuit.

Donald Duck Family Comics

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            This Disney property, as presented by master sequential storyteller Carl Barks, is a pop art pleasure for kids and adults alike!  Barks’ characters are lively and visually comedic, and his storylines are engaging, while staying all-ages friendly. 

            This FCBD offering has Scrooge McDuck going through mental and emotional contortions, as he tries to protect his money from the paroled Beagle Boys.  It also sees Donald take up crocheting as a solution to his nightmare problem; however, his new “hobby” presents an even worse conundrum.  Equally enjoyable is the story of how Donald and his nephews trick Uncle Scrooge into becoming a fish monger.  All this, plus seven other one-page stories brings a hearty amount of fun for comics fans and Disney enthusiasts, alike.

Atomic Robo

            This anthology book boasts three different stories, featuring three different properties.  However, the only boasting I’ll be doing is of Atomic Robo, by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener. 
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Created by Nikola Tesla, Atomic Robo leads an organization called Tesladyne, as they safeguard the world using science.  Quirky and fun, A.R. has its own flavor, thanks to Clevenger’s comedic-yet-exciting plot, and Wegener’s highly-stylized penciling style.  Together, the team has created something which I plan on indulging in to the fullest extent.

            Though many titles were proffered on Free Comic Book Day, these two made it memorable for me.  Donald Duck Family Comics is recommended for all ages, and Atomic Robo for all but the youngest of readers.  Find them at comics shops, as well as online retailers and auctions.  But, try your local comics shop first.

Review by Mark Allen