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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What If The Joker Came To The Marvel Universe?

A few days ago, a question was raised over at  The question: "Would the Joker be a good villain in the Marvel Universe?"  I found it an interesting premise, and set about supporting my answer in the affirmative.  I decided to post it here, as well as a photo mishmash of my proposed team for the Clown Prince of Crime.  I hope you enjoy it.

Of course the Joker could work in the Marvel Universe. Here’s how.
First, start with a one-shot publication; bookshelf format would be best. Here’s the story.
The Joker decides to play a “joke” on the Marvel Universe. He locates Axel Asher (Access), and forces him to allow him to cross over into the M.U. After gathering some henchmen, establishing a secret base of operations, and stashing a drugged Axel there, DC’s Crown Prince of Crime goes on a talent search…, by getting himself admitted to the local insane asylum.
While there, he encounters Mary Walker, whose “Typhoid Mary” persona falls “in love” with the Joker’s insanity (as the Joker falls head-over-heels for the brutal “Bloody Mary”).
He also enlists Madcap as a lieutenant, being attracted to the indestructible inmate’s philosophy that life has no reason, and his ability to drive people insane with his stare. “The kid has talent, and a great outlook on life, and since I can’t kill him, I might as well take him under my wing!” (Cue maniacal laughter.)
Lastly, the Joker solicits the aid of Dr. Faustus, believing his skills in psychological combat will be useful.  Faustus’ desire for mastery of men’s minds also leads to an interesting internal power struggle between the two.
Having formed his team, the merry band of psychos busts out, in search of a bigger, better lair. The target: Arcade’s Murderworld.

Not giving up his creation without a fight, Arcade and his team are, nonetheless, outmatched. And, when it comes to competitors, the Joker takes no prisoners.
“Tweaking” the facility to match his own twisted persona, the Joker now has a haunt and a team, and goes about making plans to “introduce” himself to the heroes of the M.U.
I see him adding additional villains to his crew; some that I think would be a good fit would be Mr. Hyde, The Corruptor, Carrion, and Styx, of Styx and Stone. (Spidey villains.)
Notice that none of these are big players, but all potentially VERY deadly and/or powerful. Not to mention creepy. Suddenly, the Joker has come to the Marvel Universe, and formed a new criminal force to be reckoned with. Let the mega-crossover events begin!